Aluminum Mobile Narrow Scaffolding Aluminum Mobile Narrow Scaffolding Supplier in Kuwait

Aluminum Mobile Narrow Scaffolding Supplier Kuwait comes as a climber frame system with an adjustable platform. It can be either used as a tower or a stairway to perform the heightened tasks. Built with pure aluminum, this tower is used by various industries for performing both indoor and outdoor activities such as cleaning, maintenance, installation, construction work, ceiling & AC work, and other short-term works. The operator can place it in the perfect working height suited to the project he is doing.

This Aluminum Mobile Narrow Scaffolding has high corrosion resistance and is lighter in weight collate to traditional galvanized steel. It comes equipped with lockable wheels and casters to control the action of the tower when the operator is moving. The wheels enable easy movement of the scaffolding from one place to another. If you constantly need to move while working, this scaffold will suit you the best.

Features of Narrow Scaffolding:

  • Single width scaffoldings are useable where the space is narrow
  • Both built-in ladder and six rung frames are provided depending on the customer’s requirement
  • Safe elevated working platform
  • As per the safety standards, the maximum height for this type of scaffold is 12 meters
  • Lightweight Aluminum scaffolds enable easy assembling and dismantling

Aluminum Mobile Narrow Scaffolding Supplier KuwaitLower erection time, high mobility, and borderline space for storing things like plastering or painting are the features of our tower. These features help the operator to save energy and increase productivity.

Why Choose Aluminum Mobile Narrow Scaffolding Supplier for your scaffolding hire?

If you have a project that requires an at-height working platform, you can hire ARESScaffolding Kuwait. We stock a wide variety of scaffolds to suit different tasks. Hence, we are the leading manufacturing and supplying company, expanding the business in various places including Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, Sabah as Salim, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Kuwait City, and Ar Riqqah.